Toro Power Curve® Electric Snow Blower

Toro has figured out the market for snow blowers. Buyers of this type of product love neatness, instant gratification and what’s more they are lazy and probably not grease-machine savvy. Your better-off urban dweller in the US’s snowy areas, in other words.

The Toro Power Curve® Snow Blower is perfect for this market. Toro has put all its technology into this powerful snow-clearer, including the Power Curve® System which, the manufacturers proudly declare is “a patented technology that moves more snow in less time and virtually eliminates clogging. A Toro exclusive!”


And, they add, the Toro Power Curve® Snow Blower “performs like a gas unit without the maintenance. No gas, no oil. Just plug in and move snow.” Okay. Great for Bobby and Mindy.

Here is what you get: an 18″ clearing width and up to 30′ throw distance, and a groovy 10″ cut into the snow per pass. The Toro Power Curve® Snow Blower comes with an 180 degree adjustment and remote crank chute, so the user can adjust the deflector to throw snow anywhere. It’s all power and control, assisted by the adjustable chute and deflector for REALLY chucking that snow. It stores in a compact fashion (which this market also likes) and it has a 2-Year Full Warranty. (If anything goes wrong in the first two years, Mindy, Toro will fix it free.).

Of course, the Toro Power Curve has an ergonomically designed handle for comfort and ease of use, a just press and go facility, and a cord lock system that protects the cord for a long life — and it’s out of the way. You would expect nothing less for the comfortable householders of America. To further prevent exertion on the part of the user, the Toro Power Curve® Snow Blower has a lift handle to be used to easily transport the unit from patios, decks, and pathways.

Investigate getting your Toro Power Curve® Snow Blower here for around $329.99.

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