Titan 15105 4-in-1 Laser Level with LED Light

Yes, you are more than capable of aligning a picture yourself so it looks almost straight with conventional levelers. The truth is only you notice right? How long did it take you? What about those projects in your home or office that require moving your leveler over and over again to assure a straight line? Have you ever made a mistake and had to do it over again?

The Titan 15104 4-in-1 gives you the straight line you need in your home or office to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It projects a precision laser line for up to 20 feet. Yet, it does more. Have you ever placed something on one wall and then want it appearing just opposite the other? There’s the laser spot option that projects a single point on a wall from a distance. There is of course the straight laser line for all your straight edge needs. The Titan 15104 also gives you a cross line option for when you need that perfect right angle alignment.

The Titan 15104 4-in-1 weighs just 3 lbs, bears an adjustable base, meets FDA standards, and takes 2 AAA batteries.

The cost of this nifty electric gadget is $22.49 (USD) and can be purchased here.

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