Sonin 50901 Electric 3 Way Laser Level

Laser projecting, straight line levelers are clearly an innovation beyond the manual water and bubble based levelers. But yet sometimes you hesitate to purchase yet another expensive home improvement gadget that will just sit on your shelf after your job is finished. Another criticism of some levelers by previous users is the top heaviness and ease of falling when adhered to the wall surface, despite advertising against such mishaps. Finally, some laser levels only project one straight line. When you want a perfect 90 degree angle you have to trust your own judgment or use an angle measurement.

The Sonin 50901 Electric 3 Way Laser Level provides you a continuous 90 degree oriented 3 way laser projection. Not only do you get the advantage of professional electric, laser based straight lines, you get sharp corners. Use it especially for tile work or shelf installation. It has an ergonomic design for easy handling. It is lighter weight than other laser projectors and can conveniently mount on the wall.

The Sonin 50901 3 Way Laser Level has a built in bubble level for fast leveling adjustments. The unit runs on a one 9V battery. Priced at $13.95 it is cheaper than competitor models and weighs just 5.9 ounces. You can purchase the Sonin 50901 3 Way Laser Level by clicking here.

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