Skil 7300-01 New Octo Multi-Finishing Sander

For most woodworkers, sanding a project can take a really long time and hard work! But unless the work is done well the finish does not look that good either. As a result many wood worker prefer to use a multi finish sander to get the job done as soon as possible with the least amount of headache. But how do you use a perfect sanding machine to get you a great new finish of your project. This is where you can use a Skil 7300-01 New Octo Multi-Finishing Sander to do the job for you in a jiffy. As the name suggests it’s a multi finish sander and you can use tit to get the best finish you require for you project.

The machine has several different settings to get you a good finish by sanding at different speeds and rotation per minute. It has eight detail attachments to use for a variety of finishes and you can change the heads as you wish for the work you have planned. It has a built in work light to show you what you are working on. The design of the sander is really well done with a hardy aluminum casing and a flame red design. But it’s a good piece on the whole with good value for money.

It costs $145.68

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