Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Electric Inspection Camera

When you have that bothersome leak from a potential plumbing disaster, you have two options. Either, the water is coming from inside a broken pipe, or the water is coming from sweat around a perfectly fine pipe. The only way to tell is to put a gaping hole in your wall to see. Not so anymore.

The Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera gives you the eyes you need in those hard to reach places. With a fiber-optic cable that stretches 3 feet, you can cut a small hole in your wall and feed the cable through behind your wall. The image projects onto a 2.4 inch color LCD display. Then you’ll know whether you need to replace the entire plumbing or whether you just need to wrap the pipe with material to prevent further sweating.

It has other uses than for just plumbing nightmares. Have you ever had a home improvement plan but are limited by what may lurk behind a wall or large appliance? Simply use the Ridgid 25643 to feed its cable behind the barrier to see.

The Ridgid 25643 comes with 2 adjustable LEDs, a 3 foot fiber-optic cable with optional 30 foot extension. It is waterproof, runs on 4 AA batteries for 3 hours of continuous running time. It weighs just 1.2 lbs.

The Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera costs approximately $244, but it is one heck of a cool tool to have.

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