Ridgid 12 Volt Right-Angle Electric Impact Driver Kit

Try drilling when the space between your target surface and a wall, cabinet or other protruding space is only a few inches away. You could use a wrench and with enough strength, manually get it in there. Or you can be smart and use a well designed tool for this kind of challenge.

Now you can drill into those tight spaces with a Ridgid 12 Volt Right-Angle Impact Drill. It is a cordless tool, and while the criticism of such devices is that they don’t punch enough power, test that against its 700 in./lb. torque.

Feel free to be rough with it in those tough close quarter spaces. It’s mar resistant head cover helps prevent from accidental damage. Slip into those tight spaces with its compact right angle head.

Other convenient features include a variable speed paddle switch and a forward/reverse selector. Running at 12 V, the Ridgid Impact Driver Kit charges in 30 minutes and runs at 0-2,200 rotations per minute.

You can buy the Ridgid 12 Volt Right-Angle Impact Driver Kit for approximately $169 here.

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