Pro-Mac Lightweight Electric Chain Saw

I work with chain saws daily and I’ll tell you straight: I know what stresses and strains chain are subjected to.

I doubt this one would last very long, weighing in as it does at just 7 pounds. The selling points are its featherweight quality plus the fact that it is cordless (always an attraction when the tool is meant for field work). It has an easily rechargeable battery.

The manufacturer claims the Pro-Mac is “safer and quieter” than a gasoline-powered chain saw but they don’t actually substantiate it, apart from instant shut-off and the fact that a cordless tool does not produce fumes. How can it be quieter with such a light casing? Hard to imagine.

But the manufacturer claims this little chain saw still has what it takes to conquer most backyard cutting jobs. Well, it may be able to cut through 6″ branches, but how many branches and for how long? If you really need a light chainsaw (say if you are planning to buy your grandma one) then by all means give it a go.

Order it here. You have been cautioned.

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