No.300 Actograph Electric Arc Engraver

Engraving tools run in many shapes, sizes and prices, yet few offer the versatility to control the depth of engraving needed without vibration. The No.300 Actograph Electric Arc Engraver’s selling feature is its specially designed transformer to adjust and tweak the level of engraving needed. The item can run on either battery power or normal plug-in current. The product comes with six spare writing points. More are available for ordering as needed.

Another selling feature of the No.300 Actograph Electric Arc Engraver is its ability to engrave without vibration. This allows you more precision etching and engraving that vibration dependent engraving can’t give you.

The engraver will provide you etching and engraving ability through all hard and soft ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Costing around $389.81, the No.300 Actograph Elec Arc Engraver can be purchased online here.

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Bob Harris April 7, 2010 at 1:28 pm – or for about 40$ you can build your own, its just a transformer and a rheostat with an in and out.

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