Mountain MTN7100 General Use Electric Heat Gun

Here is a practical little heat gun that can be used in a wide range of applications in factories, workshops and hobby rooms. The manufacturers say it is designed for intermittent use.

The Mountain MTN7100 General Use Heat Gun combines extreme practicality with eononomy. The UltraHEAT™ heat gun has a long-life heating element which, the manufacturers of the heat gun claim makes it last twice as long as competitive models. The manufacturers are also particularly proud of the impact resistant housing to ensure safety for the user and overall durability.

This heat gun has two temperature settings: 600ºF and 900ºF. The output is a powerful 1,300 W and voltage 120v / 60hz.

The Mountain MTN7100 General Use Heat Gun is easy to use, offering quick heat up thanks to the UltraHEAT™ feature and ultra-quiet operation — unlike some heat guns. It has a number of accessories. If you need a heat gun for occasional work in a laboratory or workshop, the Mountain MTN7100 General Use Heat Gun is perfect. It can be used to dry and strip paint, apply heat shrink tubing, dry out wood, bend and weld plastic, soften adhesives and thaw frozen pipes. It will also be useful in electronics workshop to desolder circuit board components.

The Mountain MTN7100 General Use Heat Gun is available from for just $31.95.

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