McCulloch 15-AMP Electric Chipper/Shredder #MCS2003

The manufacturers of this nifty device went and spoiled it by saying it’s environmentally friendly. How can anything that shreds pieces of garden wood and leaves to shreds be friendly to the environment? Actually it mulches the environment into thousands of little pieces for the convenience of neat gardeners. That makes it good enough for me.

Enough chit-chat. With the McCulloch 15-AMP Electric Chipper/Shredder includes a tamper for tamping down the poor little pieces of wood and leaves as you send them to their destruction. It has a rounded chute so the poor little things can’t clamber their way back to freedom. And an H-type blade to make their inevitable end as final as the H-bomb.

The best thing about this product is that all the reviews I have seen about it are negative. This chipper is apparently hard to assemble, poorly designed and does not do the job it is supposed to. So beware!

If you are determined to save the world from little pieces of wood and leaves in your garden, then purchase your McCulloch 15-AMP Electric Chipper/Shredder here for $149.99.

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