Makita Electric Finishing Sander (BO3700X6)

Do you need a sander, and how do you choose one easily from the large variety in the market? As you increase your skill in wood working you will realize that finishing woodworking takes the longest time. Your project will not look good unless you really work at it and get it finished and polished in to good condition. But the sanding and polishing required for finishing projects takes a lot of time.

You can cut the time required in half by getting a power sander to do the job for you. The Makita Finishing Sander (BO3700X6) is just one such power tool which is really useful to get your projects in top condition for showcasing. All you have to do is attach the sand paper to the machine and the device does its work. The Makita Finishing Sander (BO3700X6) is one tool which is used to hand sand surfaces. You can easily change the sandpaper by using a tiny clip at the base and then go ahead with the process. It moves in a circular motion to sand the surface and there is a special chip collection bag to prevent the dust from getting in to your eyes.

Makita Finishing Sander (BO3700X6) costs $51.99

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