Lentek Electric Bug Vacuum

If you are a Howard Hughes type of individual, scared and worried about the least little creepy crawly or cootie, the Lentek Electric Bug Vacuum is for you. If you are a Hindu, it is not.

If stamping on bugs, nuking them with spray, swatting them with tennis racquets or sweeping them out the door are not adequate solutions to your insect issues, and if you are prepared to fork out $70, then you need one of these “battery driven, stylish, high-power suction tools.” (Who dreams up these products?)

It even has a trap door feature that securely traps captures insects within the nozzle and prevents them from flying back out. Poor swine.

Plus you recharge it like a cell phone.

No one is telling you, though, how you clean your Lentek Electric Bug Vacuum. But they tell you cheerfully that it sucks in the biggest insects.

Speaking of suckers, if you want one then order one here for $69.99.

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