Choosing the right kind of lawn tool

There are a wide variety of gardening tools out there. One of the first things to decide is if your task requires a hand tool or a powered tool. For certain things, such as trimming potted plants, power tools are overkill. For larger tasks, such as cutting two by fours or tightening screws, they can protect your hands from cramping and prevent fatigue accidents.

There are many times when a gardening task can be done with either a powertool or a hand tool – trimming tree branches or aerating the soil are good examples of gardening errands like that. In general, power tools are called for when you have a large amount of work or a repetitive task. If you have to trim a single half-inch thick tree branch, a handsaw is convenient, but a chainsaw is more useful for clearing a fallen tree trunk or an orchard full of tree limbs.

If you decide on a hand tool, it’s important to choose an ergonomic design that will help you get the most work accomplished with the least effort. Ergonomics is an applied science that focuses on making tools comfortable in your hands. A properly designed tool will help you get more work done. These tools reduce the strain on your body and allow you to work comfortably for longer periods of time. Ergonomic tools also magnify your strength, making it possible to move oversized loads or cut through hardened soil.

If you decide on a power tool, the next step is choosing the right power supply…

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