Grip-On Tools, 12 V Reversible Electric Winch

A reversible winch, for those who may be wondering, is a winch that can retrieve things by dragging them with a cable (jet skis and boats from the water, cows from the ditch, tree stumps from the earth and vans from the mud).

What makes it reversible is that it can also lower things by cable. In other words, the cable can be drawn into the winch or let out. You can lower a crate, an engine or any other load from the hook just as much as you can pull things toward the winch.

The Grip-On 12 V Reversible Winch has all the bells and whistles you would expect from such a workhorse. The include a drop forged, galvanized steel safety latch hook (a good strong hook is essential for winching) and a heavy-duty aircraft cable that is strong enough, presumably, to pull an aircraft.

To give you an idea of the pulling power of this little powerhouse, the specifications say the product has a 6000 lb. rolling stock capacity and a 2000 lb. straight pulling capacity. So as long as an aircraft weighed 6000 lb. or less, this little winch could certainly pull it.

Other features include a smooth action ratcheting crank for easy pulling power, a zinc plated, heavy gauge steel frame and a remote switch with a 10 ft. lead. You might be wondering how this winch is secured to some fixed surface in order to work efficiently. The good news is that it installs easily with 3 PC 3/8 bolts and lock nuts.

The Grip-On 12V Reversible Electric Winch is available from Tool King for $95.99

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