FAIP Powerwasher Electric Pressure Washer #PWS1800-U

It was as if the manufacturers of this heavy duty electric pressure washer decided to eliminate all the negatives of pressure washers while leaving only the positives – and improving on them.

For a start, the FAIP Powerwasher is powered off the electric mains, not gasoline, and it has a looooong built-in extension cord. Congratulations. The manufacturers realize that you are not necessarily going to want to wash an area within a ten-foot circumference of the power point.

The FAIP Powerwasher operates at 1,800-psi and has GFCI protection. The 1-1/2-gpm flow, trigger-controlled start, and 23-foot high-pressure hose with hose reel (told you) is of a durable construction. Oh yes: the adjustable turbo nozzle makes it even more versatile. If you need it, the FAIP Powerwasher has a one year warranty.

To wash patios, bricks, vehicles, buildings and anything else really big that is really dirty, get a FAIP Powerwasher here for $163.41. Wash away your pressure washer troubles.

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