Electric Skil Belt Sander (7500)

For any wood working project to look good you should be able to get the finish and polishing done really well. But that does really take up a whole lot of your time and effort.

As a result, to save time you can get your self a power sander to get sanding done looking great and professional. For example, the Skil Belt Sander (7500) is one such professionally used model commonly used by almost all wood working professionals.

The best advantage offered by this model is the ease of use as well as the really great appearance it has. The design is minimalist for easy use. It runs on a 6amp motor and has a powder collector to prevent dirt accumulation in your workshop. As it’s a belt sander you have the advantage of having a running round or strip of sandpaper which is placed across two separate running wings. As you turn the drive wheel and it starts up, the belt starts to spin and then it removes the old paper, too. Belt sanders are the best power tools to be used for the initial stages of polishing as well as the rougher sanding jobs. These work much faster than normal, and you can try to be careful, too.

The Skil Belt Sander (7500) costs, $49.99

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Raymond September 23, 2008 at 8:14 am

This is an awesome belt sander! I bought it to sand my deck that was needing some TLC before I refinished it. The sander had a plenty of power and removed the old stain fast.

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