Dremel 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Made for finer cutting jobs of insignias and names the Dremel 16” Variable Speed Scroll Saw gives you speeds of 500 to 1600 strokes. An up and down moving cutter finely slices through wood while holding your object with a depth controller to keep it from moving up and down.

The Dremel is manufactured with a top blower tube and a bottom blower tube. The bottom blower tube is about one inch in diameter allowing large wood debris content to blow out away from the operator as the debris falls through a whole on the tool. Blowing is done so well that you can still see your pencil marks on your wood, so you can keep viewing your pencil mark to continue to guide your job.

The blade runs a good 90 degrees to the cast iron stable base. The Dremel Scroll Saw has top mounted controls for ease of control and access. The two-way table allows for tilting 45 degrees to the left or right. The table angle detents to allow consistent level cutting.

Priced at $342.64, the Dremel 16” Variable Speed Scroll Saw comes with the guarantee and history of Dremel quality and manufacturing and can be purchased here.

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