Dremel 1120-01 120V 7.2V Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Have you gotten enough patience to bear with the traditional tools? Then you must thank the comfort that is offered by the cordless electronic technology of the Dremel 1120-01 120V 7.2V Cordless Screwdriver. Performing just like standard drivers, this tool allows you to do jobs fast and easy. Its powerful 7-2V motor is ideal for wider range screw driving applications. It is powerful enough to drive as large as 3-inch screws. In fact, this tool is the only cordless screw driver that measures under 5-inch in length.

Compact yet powerful, Dremel 1120-01 120V 7.2V Cordless Screwdriver is designed to do wide range of applications. Its pistol shaped form can easily go into tight areas. Its especially designed ergonomic features make it easier and comfortable to grip. Its t-handle design promotes balance and control, allowing it to maintain absolute precision when starting, driving or removing fasteners. Also, it has a linear RPM ramp-up that maintains accuracy especially when the driver runs on low RPM. Its speed trigger also goes in reverse. It comes with a motor brake that prevents screw stripping.

The compact design of Dremel 1120-01 120V 7.2V Cordless Screwdriver makes it easy to store anywhere. It can easily be carried in a pocket or pouch and costs around $70 on sale.

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