Dewalt Heavy-Duty Electric Plate Joiner Kit

Dewalt products come with the history and pride of heavy duty tool manufacturing. Dewalt brings you this Heavy-Duty Electric Plate Joiner Kit. It operates at 6.5 Amps and a no load speed of 10,000 rpm power for working with the hardest of wood materials. The dual rack and pinion fence are always parallel to guarantee accurate joint cutting. Cuts can be made at 0 degrees without removing the fence.

There is an adjustable base for different thicknesses of wood plates. The unit locks the wood plate for security, safety and cutting precision. A center marking is available on the front of the fence for cutting alignment. An angle base is available for joining at angled joints.

The Dewalt Heavy-Duty Plate Joiner Kit accepts biscuits of 0, 10 and 20, and comes in preset depth stops for these standard biscuit sizes. It is light to hold in one hand bearing 6.6 lbs of weight. It cuts at a maximum depth of 20mm.

The Dewalt Heavy-Duty Plate Joiner Kit comes with replacement blades. The case is big enough for storage without dangerously wrapping the electric cord around the unit. It comes with a carbide blade , vacuum adapter, dust bag, Torx® key and wrench and can be purchased for $237.29 from National Supply Sourse.

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