Dewalt Heavy-Duty 16 Gauge Electric Nibbler

The challenge of your typical nibbler is the ability to change cutting directions. This is especially hard when you are in a tight space to cut without distortion. The DeWalt Heavy-Duty 16 Gauge Nibbler gives you a 360-degree pivot while cutting. This allows you to change the cutting direction while in operation.

The product boasts a long lasting motor, replaceable punch and die and gear case construction. The DeWalt Nibbler operates with one hand using a convenient paddle switch.

Running at 3 Amps, 385 Watts, and 2100 strokes per minute, the DeWalt Nibbler can cut through up to 16 gauge mild steel and up to 18 gauge stainless steel, with a 1 inch starting hole.

A competitor offers similar 360 degree cutting flexibility with a drill attachment, but it is questionable whether you can offer the same cutting power on just a drill attachment, when typical drills run at less Amp and Watt power.

The DeWalt Nibbler weighs just 4.5 lbs for one handed operation and is 9.75 inches in length. It costs around $447 and is available for sale here.

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