DeWALT Flexible Flashlight, 18V

Murphy’s law states if you drop something on the floor it will roll under the bed / sofa / car and come to the darkest and most inaccessible place.

This goose-neck torch also features a Xenon bulb for extra bright 325 lumen light for shining under bed / sofa / car. It has a wide angle beam for finding that items and lights up brighter than a traditional flashlight.

That flexible neck for hands-free operation, allowing light to be projected in any direction, is the main feature here. If you have an obsessive compulsive disorder about stuff rolling under the bed / sofa / car then this is for you.

It’s a great gift for the man who has everything, including obsessive compulsive disorder.

It comes with a spare Xenon bulb inside the lens cover for quick bulb replacement if he has a fear of being without his trusty torchlight, too. the DeWALT Flexible Flashlight has a 110 hr bulb life and a 3 hour run time. It weighs under 1 lb.

Buy a DeWALT Flexible Flashlight here for $54.99.

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