DeWalt® 7″/9″ Electronic Sander/Polisher Variable Speed

This is not an “electronic” sander/polisher so much as a high-power, heavy-duty electric sander/polisher. It has a lot of muscle: it provides full power, even under load, from 1,000-3,000 RPM. The DeWalt® 7″/9″ Electronic Sander/Polisher is a good addition to the workshop of any serious hobbyist or even a professional who wants a powerful, variable speed sander/polisher in one for a range of applications.

Maybe it was the variable speed feature that inspire its manufacturers to call this product “electronic” as opposed to electric. Conveniently located variable speed dial lets you adjust speed for different materials and applications. This is a very different feature from the usual all-or-nothing type of sander/polisher.

Any heavy-duty power tool needs to operate smoothly to ensure precision, comfort for the user and to ensure the long life of the tool. The DeWalt® 7″/9″ Electronic Sander/Polisher fits the bill here. It features heat-treated, precision-cut gears for smooth operation. Busy work shoppers will be glad to hear that this sander/polisher has external brush caps for easy servicing.

The specifications are attractive. The DeWalt® 7″/9″ Electronic Sander/Polisher is compact, with a length of 17.3″ and a weight of 8.25 lbs. It is easily manageable even by a child, small adult or frail person. Further specifications are AMPS (120V AC): 8.0 and Max. watts out: 1,400W. The spindle thread is 5/8″-11.

The DeWalt® 7″/9″ Electronic Sander/Polisher retails for $177.95 at

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