DeWalt 7 amp Electric Planer Kit (DW680K)

High speed planer kits are really useful for a variety of purposes. The Dewalt 7 amp Electric Planer Kit (DW680K) is one such unit which is really useful for almost all woodworking needs. Each planer kit has a set of tools you can use for wide variety of uses and in this kit you will get 2 reversible carbide blades, a special rabbeting fence as well as a heavy duty kit box, a set of alternate HSS blades (Ace No. 2107282) and a set of alternate carbide blades (Ace No. 2007185). All these are designed to get you optimum services from your planer.

The Dewalt 7 amp Planer Kit (DW680K) has got a strong easy handle with a comfortably laced trigger mechanism which is easy to locate and, more importantly, easy to use. Beneath you will find the heavy duty 7 amp motor, and a well designed metal plane surface which is approximately 3-1/4″ wide with a planing 2.5mm width. At the center of the planer are two really sharp rotating blades which spin sharp planing blades at a super fast speed of about 15,000 rpm.

Located at the top is a great depth adjustment knob which is really useful. Attached is a great long cord to adjust function of the device all over. The Dewalt 7 amp Planer Kit (DW680K) can be purchased for $165.

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