CMT Industrial Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

This is the perfect accessory for the home or professional lumberjack — a sharpener to ensure optimal chain saw performance at all times.

A properly sharpened chainsaw pulls itself down through wood effortlessly. When the chain starts to bite into the wood, it is a sign that the chain needs sharpening. Previously you had to drive to the lumber store or saw shop for that. No longer! Now you can sharpen your chainsaw in just minutes with this easy-to-use sharpener.

The CMT Industrial Electric Chain Saw Sharpener features Pre-drilled holes for bench mounting and accepts standard 4-1/2″ abrasive wheels with 7/8″ arbor. It has chain stop, adjustable chain guides and lock stop for effortless precision work and the chain table-vise rotates 35-degrees left/right with gauge so you can get the perfect angle.

The kit includes a 4″ x 1/8″ extra fine-grit sharpening wheel that leaves super-clean cutters. The CMT Industrial Electric Chain Saw Sharpener is powered by a quiet, smooth-running 4500 RPM 120V/60Hz motor and is fabricated of lightweight and durable ABS housing.

Order your CMT Industrial Electric Chain Saw Sharpener here for $39.99. Instruction manual included. One-year warranty.

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Garry November 4, 2009 at 11:44 am

This looks like a great tool. I’ve been sharpening my chain with a hand file for years, then taking it into a shop to be professionally sharpened when I think it needs it. Besides having to wait, the cost of sharpening is almost as much as a new chain.

This is a great price. I’ll check it out.

Great site by the way.


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