Bostitch MCN-150 StrapShot Electric Metal Connector Nailer

Homes are being built better and hardier to take up the load of bad weather. As a result more and more, metal inserts are placed in the joints of houses. As a result to deal with the metal inserts, metal connector nails are used to make sure the joints of your house are firm. Thus the Bostitch MCN-150 StrapShot Metal Connector Nailer has one of the best reviews on the internet to be used for connecting metal joints. But you have to consider a few of its properties like it is not an ordinary nailer which has been modified to take on a metal connector nailer.

Bostitch’s has new solid metal-connector nailer which has not been retrofitted to change in to a metal nailer; but it has been specifically designed to add to your metal fitting designs. And so there are many advantages to the new Bostitch MCN-150 StrapShot as it has been lightened in weight as well as size and weight. It is easily usable in nooks and crannies due to its easy design and is easily useable for other nailing work too. another advantage of the Bostitch MCN-150 StrapShot is that the nail is protruding from the surface of the nail gun to help you guide the nail into the correct areas for placement.

The cost of this product is $259.00

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