Bosch Foam Rubber Cutter Model 1575A

Wherever there is a tool application, Bosch will invent the tool.

A good example the handy Bosch Foam Rubber Cutter for rapid production cutting of all thicknesses and densities of foam rubber and flexible plastic foams, as well as most types of carpeting.

Powered by 3.2 Amps / 3,200 SPM, this is a handy and versatile tool, with detachable blades, guides, footplates and wheels (sold separately) in four different lengths to suit the thickness of the foam/rubber/carpet.

It works with a twin counter-reciprocating blade action to ensure precise cutting.

Bosch have done their best to incorporate low vibration and noise into the design through double insulation, as the tool might be used where clients and customers are nearby.

The footplate/wheels attachment allow the tool assembly to roll out onto a worktable or floor. This ensures a perpendicular cut and keeps the blade guide from dragging and scratching the work surface.

The Bosch Foam Rubber Cutter has a tool-free blade change system for quick and easy blade changes.

I particularly like the slim motor housing for a comfortable grip and the lock-on feature so the operator can work for long periods without fatigue. The long, paddle-type switch is easily activated.

Learn more about the Bosch Foam Rubber Cutter here at Bosch.

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