Bosch Digital Laser Range Finder Model DLR165K

Whatever Bosch manufactures it tends to be a great tool built with the user and on-site realities in mind. The Bosch Digital Laser Range Finder is no exception, allowing fast and accurate measuring, even through obstructions and when walking off distances.

Bosch uses precision laser measuring technology to good effect here and the results show in the accuracy of this device, which is accurate to within 1/16″ and tackling a staggering 165′ range. It packs quite some punch for a pocket-size instruments just 4 ins. high.

It works by operating according to 4 measuring reference points and uses three measurement systems namely feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric. It measures length, area and volume.

In a number of respects Bosch has made this device super user-friendly. It has a continuous measurement mode feature where the measurement automatically adjusts when walking off distances. Another great feature is the continuous laser mode, which significantly reduces the number of key strokes when making rapid sequence of measurements.

The best feature, in my book, is the indirect length measurement mode allowing the range finder to calculate distances that cannot be measured directly due to obstruction or the lack of reflecting surfaces. That’s really useful when estimating what a job is going to entail. It works by using the Pythagorean theorem (a2 + b2= c2).

Learn more about the Bosch Digital Laser Range Finder at Bosch. The kit includes 4 x AAA Batteries, a hand strap and a case with a belt loop.

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