Bosch 1529B 18 Gauge Electric Nibbler

Typical home improvement nibblers involve a simple attachment to a hand held drill device. You may get a quality cut on an aluminum can, but this is usually inappropriate for a quality nibbling job on metal. A hand held drill typically runs at half the power than most devices designed for work on various metals.

Get your metal work job done with the Bosch 1529B 18 Gauge Nibbler. It runs at 3.2 Amps, 2,500 SPM. Compare that with the power you merely get with a handheld drill using a nibbler attachment of 1.5 Amps of power.

This Bosch 1529B is designed to eject chips downward to keep the operator in safety. It gives you a 3-position choice orientation of forward, left and right. There is no need for adjustment to cut different thicknesses of metal.

The Bosch 1529B cuts flat stock, corrugated, trapezoidal, or full stock. Cuts most 0.8” aluminum, achieves a cutting radius of 1-9/16”, and cuts mild steel 18 ga. It is a nice light weight hand held item that weighs 3.9 lbs and is 11-1/4” long.

Priced at $330.64, you get a Nibbler from the Bosch company with worldwide reputation in manufacturing of power tools. Click here to purchase the Bosch 1529B 18 Gauge Nibbler

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