Ancor Micro Electric Therm Heat Gun

Having the Ancor Micro Electric Therm Heat Gun to do your daily work is really interesting. You can use this handheld heat gun for a wide variety of purposes. And its got a pretty ergonomic design with a smooth black exterior.

It works on a fuel cell which you can refill with butane at local refill locations as and when necessary. So that makes it really comfortable to work with. You can also check out the essential components included in the piezo electronic ignitions system which is designed for the simplest use. Ancor’s Micro Therm Heat Gun is really handy for making the best and simplest electrical repairs directly at a power source or from far away.

The piezo electronic ignition system included in the system provides an immediate flameless heat which has temperatures going up to 1300 degrees F (650 degrees C). And the heat gun has a wind proof system which provides instant heat in even the worst of weather conditions. Micro therm guns are designed for general heating and repair of plastics, to heat adhesives as well as potting compounds and a whole range. Priced reasonably at $27.31, the Ancor Micro Therm Heat Gun is a great purchase and can be bought online by clicking here.

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