Airsweep™ 13 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Power Broker™

Bosch is not afraid of creating tools to deal with challenging circumstances. Take this wet/dry vacuum cleaner that stops dust and debris at the source and copes with wet and dry conditions with equilibrium. It shortens clean-up time and is also a sort of magnet of other Airsweep™ Dust Extraction System of tools and attachments.

The Bosch Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaner has four settings for different applications: Regular vacuum, Power Tool Activation, Pulse-Clean™, and Pulse-Clean™ with Power Tool Activation. Activation by power tool means the power tool’s switch will turn the vacuum cleaner on and off, with a 7-second run-on after the power tool is turned off to clear the hose of remaining debris.

The Power Broker™ Dial is for allocating power (15 amps on a 15 amp circuit, 20 amps on a 20 amp circuit) between vacuum cleaner and connected power tool to optimize usage of the available power and avoid blown circuits. It also allows suction control for other purposes.

Bosch is proud of its exclusive Pulse-Clean™ electromagnetic filter cleaning system, which shakes the dual filter cartridges to remove dust and maintain maximum suction power. This can be activated manually, or automatically, when a connected power tool is switched off (using a remote control.)

The elevated filter location means the filters sit above maximum dust or water accumulation height to help maintain maximum airflow and suction power. The fine dust filtration capabilities of the Bosch Wet/Dry Vacuum allow the machine to capture 99.93% particles of 3.0 microns and larger in diameter.

The Bosch Wet/Dry Vacuum sure gets around. It has large rear wheels and front casters with rubber tires, plus push handle, for easy mobility, and a carry handle for easy lifting. It has a low center of gravity for stability. The cord wrap is good for transportation and storage, which is easy because the machine is compact.

The 6.5 Max HP / 11.1-Amp motor features soft-start and bypass cooling and the machine offers powerful suction with features to protect motor and extend its life. It has wet vacuuming capability with water level sensor and drain valve. This makes the Bosch Wet/DryVacuum automatically shut down when water reaches a maximum height. This is to protect the motor.

Learn more about the Bosch Wet/Dry Vacuum here at Bosch. It comes with one 35mm, 9.85 Ft. Locking hose, two filters and a dust bag.

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