18 V Lithium-Ion Electric Hammer Drill

One criticism with portable drills is that they don’t carry as much punch and power as your typical plug-in drill. When having a battery instead of a continuous stream of electricity in your plug-in allows you continuous power to do your demanding job. Not so, with the 18 V Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill. It gives you a torque of 610 in. lb. with a single carbide locking sleeve to hold bits tighter and more securely.

Customers who use this tool love it over its rival, Makita. They say it is light weight and yet gives enough power to do its job. In fact, it has a dual speed gearbox for masonry and concrete work. It isn’t just a drill, but also a hammer that you can convert using an easy hammer mode switch.

The lithium-ion battery charges in just 45 minutes. The Ridgid portable drill holds conveniently in your hand weighing only 5 lbs with the battery.

It costs around $250 but can be got for much lower on sales and discounts. You can purchase the product here.

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